Some good news!

South Canoe was approved at the last board meeting to add Grade 8 for the 2020-2021 school year.  This allows us to keep our awesome Grade 7 students!!  Big thanks to the board for listening to our proposal and accepting it.  Also, …

On Tuesday, February 4 at Ranchero Elementary at 6 p.m. a public session for rural Salmon Arm will be held to discuss the Long Term Facilities Plan. An overview of the entire district will be presented with discussion focussing on rural Salmon Arm schools (Silver Creek, South Canoe, North Canoe, Ranchero).  I encourage parents to attend and share their voices and opinions in regards to what they would like to see happen with our school.

Hope to see you there!

Welcome back and Happy 2020!

Hope everyone had a good break with their families!  We are excited to get the new year going tomorrow (Jan 6) at 8 am, but just want to warn you that because of the amount of snow we have received, parking may be limited on the road.  If you drop off in the kiss and go lane, please do not leave your vehicle as we will need the space to be fluid and moving consistently.  If you need to park and come onto the grounds please use the parking lot or park further from the school.

Much appreciated!!!  See you all tomorrow.



I just want to express my appreciation to you for respecting the after school bus lane by parking outside the cones.  Our bus driver has been very pleased having the space to park everyday without having to wait for vehicles to move.  It’s made it a safer place for our students and for you.  Thank you very much!!!

Parent/Guardian/Teacher Goal-Setting Conferences

Conferences will be taking place Nov 21 (this Thursday) in the afternoon.  Early dismissal is at 11:17 am so please make arrangements for your child(ren) to get home.  Teachers have emailed out online sign ups for parents to sign up for their 15-18 min conference.  Please stick to the time allotted so that everyone’s time is respected.  The focus is to be on goal-setting and your child’s progress, not airing grievances.  If you can’t make it that day, please contact your child’s teacher to make another appointment.



We’ll miss you Parkview crew!

PV tree for SCToday was our last day hosting our amazing friends from Parkview!  They presented us with this beautiful gift at an assembly today.  Each leaf has the name of one of our students along with a big thank you.  Over the past 7 weeks we have become a big family and they will be missed, but we are happy they get to go back to their own school.  This has been a great lesson in living what we preach at South Canoe, which is community, family, compassion and, of course, adapting to our environment.


It’s our favourite day of the year!!  At South Canoe the day will be like this:

  1. Please no costumes with blood or weapons (including all fake ones)
  2. Halloween stations before and after recess — stations supervised by teachers
  3. Students can bring their costumes to school and put them on in the PM
  4. We will be doing a costume parade in the PM

We are asking that you don’t pack candy in lunches on Nov 1.  If you think one kid with loads of sugar in them is a handful, try a class-full.  Thanks for respecting our request 🙂

Free menstrual products at school

Provision of Menstrual Products in our Schools:

Every student in British Columbia should have access to healthy and effective learning environments; lack of access to menstrual products can negatively impact students’ school attendance and their social-emotional well-being. Providing all students with convenient access to free menstrual products helps to support their full participation in school activities, reduces stigma and promotes gender equality.  Menstrual products are readily available to students in our school, free of charge. 

Products will be available in the office for students who need them.  The district is also currently working on installing dispensers into washrooms but there is no timeline of this as of yet.