Bell Schedule and Calendar

Hi Everyone,

You will most probably not hear the bells ringing at South Canoe Elementary.  We call the start of the day with the drum to gather all students in the field.  The end of the day is announced with 5 beats of the drum.  Once you hear this, your child is free to go home.

Here is our Bell Schedule:

7:45am – Supervision starts

8:00am – Start of day

8:00am – 9:29am – Instructional time

9:29am – 9:49am –  Recess — Students will be eating after recess

9:49am – 11:17am – Instructional time

11:17am – 12:03am – Lunch — play first; eat after

12:03pm – 2:00pm – Instructional time

2:00pm – End of day- student pick up

2:00pm – 2:20pm – Supervision provided


Instructional time — 294 minutes