From Left to Right:

Vice Chairperson (Vice-President) – Melissa Parmenter, Treasurer – Richard Gage,  Chairperson (President) – Corene Hunter, Secretary – Michelle Purdon

PAC President:
Corene Hunter
Melissa Parmenter
Michelle Purdon
Richard Gage
The PAC may be contacted at

South Canoe Elementary PAC 

Mission & Vision Statement
We as the PAC are the voices of SCES parents and caregivers. We will strive to provide reliable effective communication and a safe platform to voice concerns and ideas. We want to grow with parents, caregivers, students, staff and nature to form a strong community. We will be supportive, and educate about everyday issues and struggles. We will promote kindness and mindfulness by embracing differences and managing change. We want to inspire and encourage volunteering since it benefits our school, our children, ourselves.  We will be advocates for excellence in education as we practice living and working in harmony with others and the environment, pursuing diverse pathways based on passions and interests. Let’s be mentors and get excited about all our school can become.
We will achieve this by fulfilling;
 The role of  a school PAC:
• providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school
• involving parents in volunteer activities
• openly discussing parents’ concerns and aspirations for their schoolsThe purpose of the advisory committee is to bring parents and staff together to accomplish goals that will enhance our school for the benefit of the children’s needs and to build on relations.