Report Cards Home Thursday Feb 20

The first written report card will be sent home this Thursday, with the only exception being Mrs. Salm’s class.  She is piloting a new report card using the new information system MyED that our district is currently transitioning into.  With this comes some hiccups which we are experiencing.  Because of this, her class will most likely be receiving their report cards on Feb 24.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with this!  These reports are the 2nd formal report of the school year, with the goal-setting conferences being the first.  Goals from that conference will be updated in this report card.

Rogers Hometown Hockey!

Dear South Canoe Families…

A Rogers Hometown Hockey event will take place in Salmon Arm on March 7th and 8th.  As a lead-up to the event, the Salmon Arm area schools have been participating in a Math contest to see which school’s intermediate classes can complete the most Math word problems.  The number of problems completed will equate to a number of entries for a draw.

The draw will take place this Wednesday, February 12th, at the Salmon Arm Silverback home hockey game against the West Kelowna Warriors.  If families would like to attend the hockey game, you are welcome to do so.  Here’s the perk…  for each adult ticket purchased, families will receive one free student ticket to the game.  If Mom and Dad each buy a ticket, Jimmy and Sally can attend the game for free.  All children at South Canoe, in Kindergarten to Grade 7, are eligible for a free ticket.  Thank you to the Salmon Arm Silverbacks organization and the City of Salmon Arm for sponsoring this event.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Jared King

Some good news!

South Canoe was approved at the last board meeting to add Grade 8 for the 2020-2021 school year.  This allows us to keep our awesome Grade 7 students!!  Big thanks to the board for listening to our proposal and accepting it.  Also, …

On Tuesday, February 4 at Ranchero Elementary at 6 p.m. a public session for rural Salmon Arm will be held to discuss the Long Term Facilities Plan. An overview of the entire district will be presented with discussion focussing on rural Salmon Arm schools (Silver Creek, South Canoe, North Canoe, Ranchero).  I encourage parents to attend and share their voices and opinions in regards to what they would like to see happen with our school.

Hope to see you there!

Welcome back and Happy 2020!

Hope everyone had a good break with their families!  We are excited to get the new year going tomorrow (Jan 6) at 8 am, but just want to warn you that because of the amount of snow we have received, parking may be limited on the road.  If you drop off in the kiss and go lane, please do not leave your vehicle as we will need the space to be fluid and moving consistently.  If you need to park and come onto the grounds please use the parking lot or park further from the school.

Much appreciated!!!  See you all tomorrow.