Basketball is Back!

So happy to have basketball back in our building! Big thanks to Ceren and Mr. Styles for stepping up to coach the 4/5 mixed basketball team. Gym was loaded with fan who were cheering their guts out. Well done team!

Purdy’s Fundraiser for Mr. Styles/Yuri’s Class

Mr. Styles and Yuri’s class is heading to Haida Gwaii this May. This will be a massive trip for our crew, with rich learning opportunities once they get there. Getting there, and keeping 19 teenagers fed, will be two expensive pieces of the trip;) You can help by buying some Christmas chocolates from Purdy’s through the class’ Campaign! Here’s how:

-head to the Purdy’s page:

-follow the online prompts to register yourself for the Campaign

-if prompted, use the Customer Number 65052

Remember that buying and giving and eating chocolate is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You owe it to yourself to buy and eat some delicious chocolate.


Jared King

Bundled Message

  1. Several classes off site tomorrow — please make sure your kid(s) are dressed appropriately
  2. Hot Lunch Friday — Spaghetti and meat sauce — vegan and gluten free options available; please sign up online to order and bring plate and utensils — volunteers encouraged!
  3. Remembrance Day assembly Nov 9 at 11:00 AM
  4. Pro D Nov 10 – no school for students
  5. Nov 11 — Remembrance Day
  6. Next PAC meeting — Nov 21; time TBD but it will be later in the evening and via Zoom
  7. Please drop kids off on time; we’re slipping LOL

Pro D Day tomorrow (Oct 21)

A reminder that Friday Oct 21 is a professional development day for teachers. We have several teachers who will be presenting at the Classrooms to Communities Conference in Revelstoke tomorrow and Saturday. This is a conference with an outdoor learning focus and we are happy to have staff presenting and sharing their experiences with others.