School Start-Up Information

We hope everyone has been having an amazing summer, and that all of the children are looking forward to starting a new school year!!

Here are a few things to keep in mind, as we approach the start of our new school year:

  1. Office Hours.  The school office will be open from 8:30 – 2:30, starting Monday, August 26th.  Our secretary, Mrs. Green, along with  Mr. King (Principal) will be in the school all week, preparing for a new school year and welcoming any parents/students who wish to stop by and say “hi”.  We do have some student report cards and personal items which were not picked up in June.  If you did not receive your child’s report card in June, feel free to stop by and pick up the report card.
  2. New Student Registration.  Registration for new students will take place on Tuesday, August 27th.  When coming to register your child(ren), please bring each child’s birth certificate and BC Services Card (or equivalent provincial medical card), .
  3. First Week of School.  The Grade 1 – 7 students will start school on Tuesday, September 3rd.  When the welcoming drum happens at 8:00, the students will line-up in the same spot as they did each day last year.  Students will spend the first day in grade groups, so we can determine who has moved away and who has recently registered.  On September 3rd, students will be dismissed at 11:00 am.  On Wednesday Sept. 4, class lists will be posted and students will be able to go to their classrooms for the year and meet their teachers.  Kindergarten students will begin their gradual entry on Wednesday, September 4th.
  4. CHEQ — Childhood Experiences Questionnaire — This questionnaire will be completed by parents of kindergarten parents while their child is with their teacher.  Ideally, we would like parents to be away from their child during this time so the children can feel what it’s like to be in class, without parents.
  5. School Supplies.  Families do not need to go out and purchase school supplies for their children.  The school has purchased school supplies for each classroom, and families are charged a School Supply Fee to cover the cost of the supplies used over the course of year.  In preparation for the first day, students will need to have a backpack and a clean pair of indoor runners (with non-marking soles).  To view a copy of the 2019-2020 School Fee Schedule, please click on the link below:

2019-2020 School Fee Schedule