Great Things Happening at South Canoe Elementary

-Students are spending a great deal of their time outdoors in many different learning environments. Still a lot of good reading, writing and numeracy happening.

-Teachers are just finishing administrating the S.N.A.C.C. which is the School District numeracy assessment which will give us a good baseline of how well our students are performing in numeracy and what we need to work on starting in September. They are also doing reading assessments to track student achievement.

– We’ve had some pretty amazing fieldtrips in the past few weeks, Canoe Creek Watershed Study, RJ Haney and now Kingfisher coming this week amongst many others.  I have noticed how much students have learned about the environment in these past months and how aware, knowledgeable and curious that have become about the world around them. Kudos to teachers for sharing their knowledge and organizing these opportunities, the invited guests to our school who have facilitated discussions and shared their passions for the environment, the natural world and all the living things that live around us, and to the parents who have accompanied us on fieldtrips to help make this a great learning environment for all.

– Check out the school garden – tucked on just South of the gym.  Thank you to our parent coordinator Clea Roddick for being the catalyst for this project as well as the work of students and staff. Its just the beginning!  Some great things growing!


Hiring is almost complete for September 2019.  Of course we had announced earlier that Jared King would be the new Principal.

– We have also hired Lisa Scott as a Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Scott has worked in the capacity of a support worker this past year, but is a fully certified teacher. She enjoyed her experience at South Canoe and we are very happy to announce that she was the successful candidate for that position.

– Mrs. Elizabeth (Liz) Wilmot will be teaching the Grade (most likely)K/1 class or possibly a straight K this fall. She comes with a few years experience in this school district (other experience was in Terrace, BC) mostly at Parkview in Sicamous. We are excited to welcome her.

– Ms. Eberle Balfour will take on the Learning Resource Teacher role. Eberle is pleased to join the South Canoe team and will be working 0.9 of the time. We were lucky to have our time bumped up from 0.6 to 0.9 this coming year and to have Eberle join our staff.

– Mrs. Suzy Beckner will be returning once again in the role of Teacher Librarian. Suzy is an amazing team player and great with students. We are excited to have her back in this position.

A few more roles to fill:

–  Music teacher –  to be announced soon!

– A Grade 1/2 or Grade 1 teacher working 0.2 sharing (one day a week) with Emily Styles.  (Emily will be taking a one day a week leave next year and we are close to hiring a teacher to job share with her).

Hot Lunch

– We just had our 5th Hot Lunch Program of the year on Friday. I was away, but I understand that it was once again a real success.  Despite, electric breakers going and having to use stoves in two locations,  (we need that new kitchen 😉), the team came through once again.  Thank you again to our lead parents Serena Caner and and Corene Hunter as well as CEA Noemie Greenough who shared and helped prepare a recipe from her country of origin, the Philippines.  Again many parent volunteers and most importantly our student volunteer team.  Great work everyone!

Next week is a big week:

– Ride Don’t hide – Don’t forget to get sponsors for your child. Part of the funds stay at the school for a wellness project.  PAC will help make the decision on what that project should be.

– National Indigenous day on June 20th – Some great student workshops in the morning as well as “Lunch” is provided for students. A special thank you to Launa Rennie, our Indigenous Education Worker who applied for and received a grant to provide this day for students. She is the lead on this event with the help of some families and staff.

– Community Potluck and short student presentation on June 20th – 5:00 pm (bring your families, grandparents, etc… to our potluck. Hope to see many of you there!

The end of the year is only a number of sleeps away.  I will send out in a week or so, end of the year information as well as September start-up basics!

Have a wonderful week!