Community Hot Lunch!

On Friday, February 8th we had our first Community Hot Lunch at South Canoe Elementary.  It was fabulous!  Thank you to Corene Hunter for the amazing job of coordinating the volunteers and looking after the financial side of things, to Serena Caner for the delicious food and her skillset to create a lovely meal to feed our masses and also to thee parents who came to volunteer that day and who joined classes and ate with them.

Thank you to staff for supporting the event, to student Teams 3 and 4 for helping with food preparation, serving and clean-up and to all our students for their willingness to try something new. Everyone was well fed and even had an opportunity to go for seconds. We were served a choice of meat or vegetable soup as well as fresh baked buns and orange and apples.

We’re looking forward to the March 8th meal we will be sharing together!