South Canoe Update

We have less than two weeks to go before the start of the school year. Thank you to parents who are able to come to volunteer to help out.  We know that it is not necessarily good timing for everyone, but we appreciate any help that we can get.  Next week will be a very busy one.

Thank you to Parent Maryke Simmons and her son Harry who have organized a Gear Swap Area at the school.  Come and check it out starting next Tuesday.  Right now there are just a few things in that area, but we anticipate to have more with time.  Maryke writes:

“Please come check out our “Gear Swap” area, located at the south end of the school. To promote reusing and to make gear lists easier for all our students, we’ve made a space where you can give what you want and take what you need!
We’ve got bins to drop off & pick-up any unused or 


outgrown outdoor gear/ clothing and a board to post items for sale (reasonably priced).
Any questions or suggestions are welcome; please contact Maryke”

Parent Michelle Atkins had asked me to send out some ideas for after school childcare options. A few daycares have responded saying that they provide an after school program and will do pick up at South Canoe.  This includes Summit Kids Care and Discovery Kids.  No other daycares have contacted me yet, but if there is a need other daycares may decide to do the same. You may want to contact them directly.

Have a wonderful last week with your children!  We’re looking forward to having your child explore the great outdoors with us as we all learn together, by questioning, observing and sharing. We have some great tools to work with, but most importantly an amazing staff that is excited to welcome our students.

All the best!

Isabelle Gervais