Welcome to the South Canoe Elementary, Outdoor Learning Program School Website

May 31:  Information about South Canoe Kindergarten Orientation below.  June 12, 9:30 a.m. at South Canoe.

Kindergarten Orientation – SC

May 29:  South Canoe Updates

Open House:  June 14th (4:30p.m. -6 p.m.)

We will be hosting an open house for parents from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

There will be Parent Information, introduction of staff, updates on transportation, parking, traffic flow, student drop off, formation of PAC, student supplies for September and time for questions. Hope to see you there.

Kindergarten Orientation:  June 12th, 9:30 a.m. at South Canoe.  Our South Canoe Outdoor Learning Kindergarten Orientation for our incoming Kindergarten students AND parents is ready to host our newest students and parents.  Hope to see you there.

May 23:  Preliminary budget was passed last night at Board Meeting.  This included South Canoe ongoing costs in terms of staffing, learning materials and more.  We continue to work to have a great start up in September.

May 17:  We are pleased to announce that Isabelle Gervais will be the principal of South Canoe and the Outdoor Learning Program.

May 17:  Kindergarten Orientation: Kindergarten Orientation for South Canoe students will be June 12th at South Canoe, 9:30 a.m.  This will be our first official student event!

Open House: We will be having a parent open house for parents/guardians of all registered South Canoe -Outdoor Learning students on June 14th.  Further details to be posted.

May 16:  South Canoe School Opening -Approved by Agricultural Land Commission

Today we received the much anticipated approval from the Agricultural Land Commission for South Canoe to be opened as a school site for September 2018.  South Canoe has an active website https://sca.sd83.bc.ca/ which will be updated regularly with new information.

Shortly we will be announcing the principal and then posting teaching and support staff positions and being the process of hiring staff. Thank you for your patience while we awaited final approval.  We look forward to a truly unique and excellent educational opportunity for your child(ren).

I would also like to thank the many great people that have worked hard to make this a reality on our district, district staff, parents, community members, South Canoe community and many more.  In particular, I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of the Outdoor Learning Committee who started work on this project 2 years ago, and have put in countless hours of hard work.  Outdoor Learning Committee members are:  Amanda Bowlby, Ceren Caner, Adam Barraball, Chris Stromgren, Susan Brown, Kira Limber, Irene LaBoucane, Glen Overgaard and Isabelle Gervais

Finally a thank you to our Superintendent, Peter Jory and Trustee, Mike McKay for supporting this initiative.

Looking forward to welcoming the first students ever to the Outdoor Learning Program at South Canoe in September.


May 7th:  Wilderness First Aid Training.  This past weekend we had 5 educators take Wilderness First Aid Training through the local college in preparation for our Outdoor Learning Program opening this fall.

May 2nd update:  Our facilities department anticipates that South Canoe will be ready to go by Mid-June.  Furniture, books already being purchased.  We are all looking forward to September 2018.

April 13th update:  Posted by Carl Cooper, Director of Instruction

We are proceeding with preparation and planning to re-open South Canoe Elementary with our Outdoor Learning Program for September, 2018. We are still awaiting final approval from the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) to rezone South Canoe back to use as a school. The ALC has our application and a decision should be coming shortly. I again want to reassure all parents and guardians that IF the South Canoe site is not re-opened that your child ‘keeps’ there spot at their current school.

Our facilities department have already begun work at South Canoe and is preparing the school for September, job postings for teachers are ready to go in our regular staffing process, and our technology department is beginning work on wiring, etc.  Work continues on school policies and procedures, and initiating this school website. We will be ready to go by September and we are excited about the prospects of this new initiative in our school district. Indeed, we have had several inquiries from out of district and out of province parents looking to move here and be part of the Outdoor Education Program. We have also had a number of out of district teachers inquire about teaching in our district as Outdoor Educators.

Updates: We will post any new information and updates to this website. Please check this site regularly.


Should I register at a back-up school?

No, you can only be registered at one school (South Canoe). However, if South Canoe was not to re-open your child’s registration would revert to their current school. I want to reiterate, that while we cannot presume any decision by the ALC, that we are optimistic that the school will be approved given the overwhelming community support.

If you have any questions about the Outdoor Learning School please contact Isabelle Gervais at Bastion Elementary, 250-832-3741 or Carl Cooper at District Office, 250-804-7826.

Looking forward to September, 2018